TV3’s Top 5 Waste Reduction Tips

Our Daily Waste’s Dr. Sharon McIver featured in a piece about recycling and reducing waste on TV3’s Story, 4th April, 2016. Clink link below for story.

Veggie bagsThe top 5 tips are:

  • rinse your recycling and remove all contamination
  • buy smarter – have a hierarchy of packaging from reusable to landfill and choose the most sustainable option
  • use reusable veggie bags such as those available from Surfing Tribe or The Rubbish Whisperer
  • take reusable containers to your favourite sushi or other takeaway and ask if they can put it in there without all the extras
  • take a reusable coffee cup to cafes for takeaways – you might even get a discount.

    Reusable coffee cup

    Reusable coffee cup