Saskia Verraes, Tourism Holdings Ltd

The whole national team comes all buzzing about you after your visit!
Very very well done you! They loved your no nonsense passionate approach.

Catherine Murfitt, Rolleston Envirotown

We would like to thank you very much for facilitating the workshop on Tuesday evening in Rolleston on “Where to put it: What can I recycle in Selwyn? Your creative skills made the workshop informative and an enjoyable time for all who attended.

This workshop was a great follow-up to the Waste Audit of some Rolleston streets that you were part of in Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week, September 2013.

The workshop content on Tuesday evening was inspiring, and stimulated deeper thoughts for those present on “where one sources” and “how one chooses” to fill their food basket, resulting in different quantities for recycling.

Johnny Gibson, Wunderbound, Nostalgia Festival

Our Daily Waste came on board from the early stages of our festival. Sharon’s waste consultancy during the lead up was fantastic and we were able to put controls in place for waste minimisation and generally be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sharon and team made the day hassle free by eliminating the site of any waste, I feel myself and all involved learnt a lot about waste control during the process.

I am very much looking forward to working with ODW again soon!

Dr. Jessica Halliday, Director, Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) 

The Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) has had the great privilege of working with Our Daily Waste for both of our major events in 2012 and 2013. ODW worked closely with FESTA, our collaborators, partners and vendors on waste management and prevention at two mammoth and complex public events. For both LUXCITY in 2012 and Free Theatre’s Canterbury Tales in 2013,

ODW efficiently and effectively minimized and prevented waste during the production phase. When it came to event day, thanks to ODW’s unique approach to communication design, our audiences are able to put their waste in the correct bin with confidence. Because Sharon and her team are knowledgeable and committed, they also reduced our estimated costs. The feedback we’ve received from the Christchurch City Council on our event made special mention of the lack of litter left behind – this is after events with audiences of 20,000-30,000 people. So working with Our Daily Waste is good for sponsor-stakeholder relationship management too.

Dr Sharon McIver’s knowledge and understanding of the complexities of waste prevention, minimization and management in New Zealand is unparalleled. We highly recommend ODW. If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your event, ensure you don’t unnecessarily add to this country’s landfills, if you want to recycle or reuse what you can, if you want to find ways to send organic waste to local composting initiatives, you must work with Our Daily Waste.

< strong>Kaila Colbin, TEDxChristchurch

“Our Daily Waste provided waste management services for TEDxChristchurch 2013. Sharon worked closely with us from the early planning stages of the catering, ensuring not only that our waste was correctly processed at the end, but also that our containers, cutlery etc was procured with an eye to minimising waste and maximising recycling and composting.

Sharon and her team were professional, knowledgeable, flexible and helpful. She advised our audience of the various packaging items we were using and how to dispose of each item. The world of disposal and recycling is extremely confusing — much more confusing than one might imagine — and we would have struggled to navigate it on our own. Having Sharon help us be thoughtful about minimising our impact, and sharing that with the attendees, added a special note to the event. We feel it was worth every penny.”

Sarah Smith, UCSA

Our Daily Waste came on board early with our 3500 person event, providing advice and ideas for reducing the waste we created, rather than just what to do with it afterwards. The attention to detail with the clean up ensured the entire site was left completely clear of waste and there was less than 5% contamination in the recycling.”

Rebecca May, Renew Brighton

“Renew Brighton’s commitment to our community includes taking care of our environment, which is why we chose to use Our Daily Waste’s expert recycling services and systems for our events.  Sharon worked with us while planning the event, giving advice on waste minimisation that would help save our budget while saving the planet.  Many of our event goers commented on how easy it was to understand recycling using Our Daily Waste’s clear communication systems~ information they could take home with them, too!”