Recycling Systems

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Our Daily Waste recycling systems are based on our revolutionary Iconic-Grid Design©  which helps take the confusion out of recycling. Featuring clear and simple icons of whatever rubbish items are most likely to be in your bins, we can adapt the grid to suit your requirements, so that signage can be printed onto:

  • 240l wheelie bin lids
  • stickers
  • posters
  • magnets
  • tea towels

We consult with your waste company and/or local council to establish best practice recycling for your organisation, which will help reduce waste fees, and make you a leader in waste prevention in Aotearoa New Zealand.

240l bin lids with ODW signage

We work with bin lid designers Mouldings Unlimited to create hands-free lids designed to fit on 240l wheelie bins.

Unlike similar items, Our Daily Waste lids have been designed with the holes cut into the sides, which:

  • reduces rain contamination
  • makes lids more wind resistant
  • ensures that the signage is what bin users see first


We provide a range of options for schools, businesses,and marae for more information or email Sharon McIver: or go to our contacts page.

Recycling for Schools and Campuses

Schools, early childhood centres, and campuses are vital in providing opportunities for sustainable education, and what better way to show your commitment (and reduce waste costs) than with a recycling system featuring ODW signage.

Customised Signage, Rangiora High School

Customised Signage, Rangiora High School

Where possible, we work with your current infrastructure to provide the following:

  • comprehensive, age-specific recycling signage
  • recycling education (talks, resources etc.)
  • assistance in achieving permanent waste reduction (including audits, reports, workshops, lectures, conferences etc.)
  • advice about environmental and socially responsible procurement
  • ongoing monitoring and reporting
  • waste management services for events

To discuss with us how you can make recycling something your school or campus can be proud of, please email Sharon McIver or go to our contacts page.

ODW Heathcote - EW

240l bin lids – Heathcote Valley School