Futureproof your organisation with a post-lockdown Waste WOF

The Covid-19 virus has affected the way we operate in business, and the recycling and waste industry will change dramatically due to the effects.

Canterbury based social enterprise, Our Daily Waste’s new Waste WOF (Warrant of Fitness) package is designed to help organisations to futureproof their waste system and save on long term costs.

Started by Dr. Sharon McIver in 2012, Our Daily Waste has provided consultancy services to organisations across Aotearoa, and the Waste WOF will assist business owners to adapt their waste system to their post lockdown needs. With fees starting at $500* (excl. GST) for Social Enterprises, NGOs and small businesses, and graded according to staff size and waste output, it is a small investment to ensure organisations meet their sustainability obligations and are not paying more than they need to.

Having hand sorted thousands of waste bins, McIver has used that experience to develop innovations such as customised signage and better event practices that are at the cutting edge of waste reduction.

Our customised signage
We work with Mouldings Unlimited to provide outdoor and indoor bin solutions with our customised signage.

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Operating as an independent, McIver says the aim of the Waste WOF is to ensure that both the client’s and their waste company’s needs are met:

“We are committed to sustainability and do not work for any waste company but we will work with yours to ensure that you have the right bins, skips and pickups for your new requirements. With the rise in waste levies, landfill fees will only ever go up, and I expect that contaminated recycling will be more likely to be rejected, which will then be charged as landfill. We can assist your staff and customers to recycle more effectively so you can save money on waste fees and better meet your environmental responsibilities.”

One client, Tourism Holdings Limited has adopted a number of McIver’s recommendations. At the Christchurch branch an ODW staff member, trained in H&S practices, sorts recycling for a few hours each week, and diverts any reusable items to charities. McIver says, “the branch has saved an average of three tonnes of landfill a month with a 28% reduction in fees, and reusable items have been gifted to over thirty charities, including homeless and animal shelters.”

The Covid-19 emergency has also highlighted the need to act now to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. The Waste WOFs are designed to save money in the long term and show staff and customers that the organisation is committed to making changes for the better.


  • Virtual tour of premises (when owner access allowed).
  • Analysis of current waste infrastructure and costs.
  • Projection of likely requirements on reopening.
  • Liaison with waste company to ensure both their and the client’s needs are met.
  • Report and recommendations


For an interview or more information, phone Sharon McIver on 021 2516 123 or email [email protected]

Visit the Waste WOF page.

* Price as at May 2020 – subject to change.